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Associates and partner customs agent 

Freelance Shipping works with associates and our independent customs agent, who are authorised to import and export products globally.  We understand that many use associate and agent services to take a load off their shoulders and remove any unnecessary tasks. Due to this we play our part in helping your supplier to get your products and cargo to their destination safely.

Our external business team members include day to day liaising with shipping lines. Shipping lines have direct access to the ships your cargo needs to be put on. We have tailored our business, that specific lines works directly with our business as if they were sitting in the same office. Our  internal structure and software lets us all communicate on the same level platform.

We can see what each party is doing regarding the job. When you align this with our other network agents overseas it means everybody gets alerted. If there are any problems our offshore agents can log into it straight away and speak to our shipping line partners who can integrate it straight away into the system.  This resolves the problem very quickly.

Our independent customs agent are also  part of our team . For instance they closely monitoring customs declarations, they have 100% visual of anything that may be out of place. Our team has worked with them for over 10 years. They have direct access to our systems.

Freelance shipping provide cartage services from and to any point within Australia. We also provide shipping freight services with our partnered offshore agents.


Our associates and partners have been working with us since the establishment of the firm.  We have networked with our agents from all over the globe through our relied and trusted networks. We have had many problematic jobs we would face either as a team or once has competitors. It was through personal friendship and understand of ones key strengths, did we become a team. Our customs agents have been directly contributing to our knowledge and skills, not to mention a few former employees from them work with us. Hence why the big happy family.
When it comes to how this affects your business, it is always best practice to be around a business that has a personal relationship with their offshore agents, customs and quarantine agents including the wharf. You never know when you need a good friend to help you get out of a bad patch of mud.

What does a customs broker do?

Customs brokers are key personal who assist with documentation, country-specific rules and regulations, calculation of duties and related taxes, if any, and payments to Customs and Quarantine.

 They ensure that your goods are cleared through customs in a timely, seamless fashion. This service is provided for a reasonable fee. Their obligation is to comply with regulatory and statutory requirements on behalf of an importing client.

These specialised operatives  typically handle issues concerning entry procedures and classification issues.  Some issues they dive into are  trade agreements, compliance, valuation and classification of goods. Further are Assessment of duties, marking of imported goods, duty drawbacks and refunds, anti-dumping and countervailing duties, foreign trade zones, and record keeping, if needed.

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